What Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Pirates | Rogue History

We all love pirate tales but what do we really know about the history of piracy? In this episode of Rogue History, we examine the common assumptions we make about pirates. Explore the origin of these myths and figure out which are true and which aren’t.

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Rogue History
Shaking off the barnacles from this wildly popular storytelling canon, this Pirates historical series is an irreverent and enlightening voyage that unravels historical myths, unearths lost narratives, and discover fresh perspectives. This is the pirate history you were never told.

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2 Responses to What Pop Culture Gets Wrong About Pirates | Rogue History

  1. Thank you for this useful information about the pirates 🙏

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  2. There has been a lot of romanticizing pirates. I don’t think that any of them were especially pleasant contemporaries.

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