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Shaped Using Precisely Cut Maps, Nikki Rosato’s Busts and Portraits Connect Place, Memory, and Identity

Through mesh busts and delicate portraits, Nikki Rosato visualizes the connections between place and identity. The Washington, D.C.-based artist carves out the multi-colored highways and back roads from common maps, leaving the distances and spatial markings intact. She then shapes the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Secret Weapon In The South: Small, Dead, But Still Kickin’

October 10, 201212:49 PM ET ROBERT KRULWICH Look at this map, and notice that deep, deep in the Republican South, there’s a thin blue band stretching from the Carolinas through Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. These are the counties that went … Continue reading

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Cartographers Have Been Hiding Illustrations Inside Switzerland’s Maps

The job of a cartographer leaves little room for creativity, as maps are expected to provide an accurate representation of a location. For several decades, however, mapmakers working for the Swiss Federal Office of Topography have subtly defied their role … Continue reading

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The genius of the London Tube Map

Design legend Michael Bierut tells the story of the accidental success of one of the most famous maps in the world — the London Tube Map.

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Fascinating Map From 1942 Features Oceans as Main Focus of theWorld

This is an ingeniously different way of looking at our planet. When you imagine a world map, what do you see? Most likely, you picture the Mercator Projection, a rendering rooted in the 16th century. While this visual remains the most … Continue reading

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The Advanced Pre Ice Age Civilizations that Vanished From Earth [FULL VIDEO]

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