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Boiling. We research. You benefit.

Did you know that in microgravity you can better study the boiling process? Boiling is a very common process in our everyday life. For instance, we usually boil water to cook or to clean. The boiling process is common in … Continue reading

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Think Living Spaceships Are Science Fiction? Think Again

Top space agencies and researchers are turning to biology to create spacecraft that adapt like living creatures to survive future missions.   By Tom Cassauwers THE DAILY DOSEJAN 07 2019 Going interstellar is hard. The closest stars to the sun … Continue reading

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The satellite that can clean up space junk

It’s part of a plan to clean up the millions of pieces of rubbish floating in Earth’s orbit. Source: The satellite that can clean up space junk

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Monday’s Featured artist: FAYE QUINN

Faye Quinn, Contact Light Eventually, humans will have to find a new way of life. Reset our everyday. Vital resources run low, the planet Earth is coming to its demise. As a race, we search desperately to find a different … Continue reading

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Dusty Mars Rover’s Self Portrait

Originally posted on WANDERLUST:
This self portrait from NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity shows dust accumulation on the rover’s solar panels as the mission approached its fifth Martian winter. The dust reduces the rover’s power supply, and the rover’s mobility…

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