Why American Education is Broken

Everyone agrees that American education leaves much to be desired. American students consistently report lower test scores than their peers in countries like China, Finland, and Vietnam. But why? Are American students just dumb? Are our teachers too lazy or too ineffective? Or is something else to blame? Nikhil Goyal, sociologist and education activist, joins us to explain.[…]

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  1. dolphinwrite says:

    When I was young, several decades back, I wondered why, though history was okay, why we didn’t learn more about actual countries in relation to government types (i.e. Oligarchy, Democracy, Republican, Socialist, Communist, etc.) that we could better understand through examples. I gathered, back then, that additional readings, source materials, and documentaries would benefit our understanding (i.e. exactly what makes one system of government different from others, and what are the reasons those systems became). As an adult, I wondered why, as I “teach myself”, why we never learned about the inner workings of Germany and the Soviet Union. We hear about other socialist countries, but we don’t learn about the inner workings and people on the ground. I have the feeling, that even back then, there was some kind of effort to diffuse history, prevent us from getting the whole picture, but also to prevent us from fully understanding the underpinnings of society. I understand much more today, thanks to writers and many who’ve been through incredible experiences and were willing to share, sometimes to the threat for their own safety and lives. As such, we can appreciate their sacrifices, but also have the responsibility to think for ourselves truly (Most people don’t really think for themselves. For many, it’s like squirrels arguing up there and they can’t “see” the difference between real understanding and propaganda/trained understanding. The two are very different. I have often wondered why the concept of teaching to understanding is something many don’t see the significance. To me, it’s the only way to learn. To not learn to understanding, one might as well be a clam.). **America’s education is broken, has been breaking for decades, because the bats had gotten into the belfry, making little changes here and there, deleting real content here and there, then advertising education as something we all need and can only get through “them.” Absolutely not true, and they don’t want you thinking for yourselves. I learned this during many years of helping others realize for themselves. Why, I wondered, did “they” not like kids/teens truly thinking for themselves? Home school, I believe, must become the new normal, but parents must also discipline and correct their own children, not expect others to do this for them.

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