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Theoretical physicist Chiara Marletto: ‘The universal constructor could revolutionise civilisation’

The best physics arguments are very philosophical’: Chiara Marletto. Photograph: Sophia Evans/The Observer The scientist on why studying elementary particles is only one way of explaining phenomena, how the 3D printer could change the world, and her optimism about women … Continue reading

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The Quantum Internet Will Blow Your Mind. Here’s What It Will Look Like | Discover Magazine

The next generation of the Internet will rely on revolutionary new tech — allowing for unhackable networks and information that travels faster than the speed of light. By Dan HurleyOctober 4, 2020   Call it the quantum Garden of Eden. … Continue reading

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Chinese Researchers Achieve Stunning Quantum-Entanglement Record

  A team at the University of Science and Technology of China packed three qubits into each of six particles to pull off the unprecedented feat. Scientists have just packed 18 qubits — the most basic units of quantum computing … Continue reading

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