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An Uncanny Animated Short by Fernando Livschitz Twists Mundane Scenes into Bizarre Alternatives | Colossal

Argentinian director Fernando Livschitz (previously), who helms Black Sheep Films, is back with a surreal short film that envisions everyday activities and scenes with a slightly unsettling spin. Infused with Livschitz’s distinct penchant for humor and absurdity, “Anywhere Can Happen” … Continue reading

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Artwork By TADASHI ONISHI Lost in Shinjuku Shinjuku, a city where more than 3.4 million people pass by everyday. The number of passengers getting on board as 1.3 billion a year is the best in the world. I am one of … Continue reading

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Uncertain times | Aeon

The pandemic is an unprecedented opportunity – seeing human society as a complex system opens a better future for us all   Jessica Flack  is a professor at the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico and director of the Collective … Continue reading

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N THE SUNNY SIDE OF THE STREET – Bar Colombia, Sant Andreu, Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis, Sept. 2019

On the Saturday afternoon of the 6th Jazzing Festival, September 2019, there was a concert at the Bar Colombia in Sant Andreu town centre with Joan Chamorro, Andrea Motis, Carla Motis and Josep Traver plus some of the Sant Andreu … Continue reading

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“104-Year-Old” Grandpa Expresses Himself with Timeless Style

By Anna Gragert Günther Krabbenhöft has revealed that self-expression is key when it comes to creating a timeless style. He expertly shows this in his artistic choice of clothing, which features vibrant colors, clean lines, and many classic bowties. “I find … Continue reading

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Some of the World’s Largest (and Most Unusual) Collections

You’ve heard of people collecting toys, sports memorabilia and fine art. But how about smells, colors and human brains? Join us for a “show and tell” with some of the world’s foremost collectors of interesting and, sometimes, unusual things. Our … Continue reading

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Arresting people for begging clearly doesn’t work – so now Manchester is trying a new approach – I Love Manchester

Beg, get arrested, go to court, get fined, repeat. This is the pattern that vulnerable people across the country caught begging find themselves caught up in, all thanks to an archaic law called the Vagrancy Act. This 196-year-old law criminalises homeless … Continue reading

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Glasgow Artists and their Best Street Art Murals || The Travel Tester

If you are a lover of street art, you will have a great time looking for the best mural of Glasgow artists. The Travel Tester shows you where to go![…] Source: Glasgow Artists and their Best Street Art Murals || … Continue reading

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Massive Cardboard Installations by Isabel and Alfredo Aquizilan Investigate Migration and Community

Isabel and Alfredo Aquilizan work as a husband and wife team primarily in the medium of cardboard. Their soaring installations fill gallery spaces, reaching from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The duo’s massive sculptural works are comprised of miniature … Continue reading

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The Best Street Art Spots Around The World — Sister Sister Travels

This is not something we claim to know a lot about and we haven’t nearly seen them all, not even close. However, if like us you love finding little hidden gems then keep reading as below we’ve list the best … Continue reading

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