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What if you experienced every human life in history?

Examine the ethical stance known as longtermism, which is the idea that we should be doing more to protect future generations. — Imagine that your life began as one of the planet’s first humans. After dying, you’re reincarnated as the … Continue reading

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Toward Singularity – Neuroscience Inspiring AI

Toward Singularity takes a look at how neuroscience is inspiring the development of artificial intelligence. Our amazing brain, one of the most complicated systems we know about, is inspiring the development of intelligence machines. Machines that may well surpass our … Continue reading

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Four scepticisms: what we can know about what we can’t know | Aeon Essays

Bowl (c1898-1910) by George E Ohr. Courtesy the Met Museum, New York The ancient Sceptics used doubt as a way of investigating the world. Later thinkers undermined even that possibility Ask any philosopher what scepticism is, and you will receive … Continue reading

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21 Mind Traps : The Ultimate Guide to your most common Thinking errors

You probably think you are in complete control of your decisions and thoughts. But how often are they guided by something else? Something you don’t even notice occurring deep within your mind. This series explores 21 different cognitive mind traps, … Continue reading

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Can’t agree what wisdom means? All the more reason to seek it | Aeon Essays

Outside the Bodleian Library, Oxford, England. Photo by Mark Kerrison/In Pictures via Getty There are no transcendent insights that rise above human difference. Yet wisdom exists if we look in the right places   Then, one day, your best friend … Continue reading

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A Museum Dedicated to Mistranslated Japanese Phrases | Spoon & Tamago

DECEMBER 6, 2022 / JOHNNY / Anyone who has been to Japan has undoubtedly encountered the mistranslated phrase. Robotic translator gone awry? Translation job outsourced to intern who took a semester of English? Whatever the reason, these mistranslations have offered … Continue reading

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‘Ai-Da’ Robot Makes Courtroom History By Testifying About Future Of AI – DesignTAXI.com

By Nicole Rodrigues, 13 Oct 2022 Ai-Da speaks for her kind as she illustrates how technology will always be a “threat and opportunity for artists.” As our society teeters on the brink of AI and robotic integration in everyday life, … Continue reading

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Strategy vs tactics

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What is “Nothing”?

[…] This video was inspired by “Levels of Nothing” by Robert Lawrence Kuhn, in the book “The Mystery of Existence: Why is there Anything At All” by John Leslie and Robert Lawrence Kuhn. https://www.wiley.com/en-us/The+Myste… It’s also discussed in “Levels of … Continue reading

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What Physicists Don’t Want You to Know About Quantum Mechanics | a Dr. Fatima Video Essay

what’s the deal with objectivity? References: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1j…

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