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Paul Bielicky Reporting From Vancouver, Canada | Coronavirus’ Days — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Visual Storyteller Paul Bielicky is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography. From the project ‘VANCOUVER COVID-19 PROJECT’. To see Paul’s body of work, click on any image. With the Coronavirus hitting Vancouver for the past few … Continue reading

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Mermaid Corner — Graffiti Lux Art & More

Traffic heavy corner, and the best spot was in the middle of the street. Middle of the street was a no go, so, I took the first 2 shots & the 6th shot from across the street. I took these … Continue reading

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Lesser Known Things About England – Adventures & Naps

Adventures and Naps Published on 13 Feb 2018 After living in England for the last 2+ years, I’ve noticed a few unique things about this wonderful country! Here’s some lesser-known quirks about England 🙂 I also wanted to mention that … Continue reading

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Toronto at Night: Photos by Bora – Faith is Torment

Toronto based urban photographer Bora takes us on a tour of his hometown with these night shots that captures the vibe of the city. Known for his cinematic style, he guides the audience through city inspired narratives that capture ideas … Continue reading

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Tennyson – Like What (Official Video)

Tennyson said, “We asked Nikita to listen to the song “Like What” by Tennyson, and to describe what came to mind as she listened. Afterwards, we filmed everything she described. Nikita has been blind since birth. This film is a … Continue reading

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Artist ‘Roadsworth’ Uses Public Streets as a Canvas for Art and Activism | Colossal

One might not think that parking lots, crosswalks, and other broad asphalt expanses would be particularly amenable to artwork, but for Montreal-based artist and activist Roadsworth (aka Peter Gibson, previously) every white or yellow traffic paint stripe is a new … Continue reading

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“Favela” Girl

Five years have passed but I still remember this moment as if it was yesterday. It was a warm fall afternoon in Canada. The wind was blowing hard, making the dead leaves fall faster or the green grass and getting … Continue reading

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