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Digital twins offer “a very powerful way of developing our cities” say experts | Dezeen

Amy Frearson Buildmedia has created a digital twin of Wellington, New Zealand Digital twins are starting to transform the way that cities are designed and managed, according to experts. The technology, which involves creating a digital clone of a real-world … Continue reading

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We are starting to crack the mystery of how lightning and thunderstorms work

Lightning strikes are not continuous but proceed in steps – but we don’t yet know why this is. Image credit – Bernardo de Menezes Petrucci/Wikimedia, licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0   Imagine lying on a green hill watching the clouds … Continue reading

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Floating Black Balloons Explore Contradictions in Artist Tadao Cern’s Installations

Artist Tadao Cern often considers dualities and contradictions—lightness and heaviness, minimal and intricate, inanimate and lively. He channels these relational tensions into “BB,” installations featuring black balloons that float in parallel planes and incline in rows. “These boundaries are a … Continue reading

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The Milky Way as You’ve Never Seen It Before – AMNH SciCafe

Fly through the galaxy with Museum astrophysicist Jackie Faherty, who takes us on a dazzling tour of new research and data visualizations made possible by recently released data from the Gaia space telescope. In April 2018, the European Space Agency’s … Continue reading

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Four-dimensional physics in two dimensions – ScienceBlog.com

For the first time, physicists have built a two-dimensional experimental system that allows them to study the physical properties of materials that were theorized to exist only in four-dimensional space. An international team of researchers from Penn State, ETH Zurich … Continue reading

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