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A 15-color rainbow spiral made with 12,000 dominoes | The Kid Should See This

A rainbow spiral of 12,000 dominoes falls and rises a few times in this video from prolific domino YouTuber Lily Hevesh of Hevesh5, a collaboration with Steve Price of Sprice Machines and Hayden Russell, aka Dynamic Domino. They spent two … Continue reading

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Chocolate Dragon! 🐲 | amauryguichon

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Sculptures at Morton Arboretum Honor Humans & Nature Connection | My Modern Met

By Jessica Stewart on June 14, 2022 “Ginkgo” Daniel Popper is giving art and nature lovers three more reasons to visit The Morton Arboretum. South African artist Daniel Popper is expanding his collection of sculptures at The Morton Arboretum. His Human+Nature exhibition … Continue reading

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@allthatisshe ☁️ Come with me on a hot air balloon ride 🎈☁️ | stopmolovers

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Mixing things up with a seamless treadmill canvas with Thomas Evans | hifructosemag

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Minimal Portraits by Luke Stephenson Frame the Elegant Plumage of Show Birds | Colossal

JUNE 24, 2022. GRACE EBERT Spereo Starling (2019). All images © Luke Stephenson For the better part of a decade, U.K.-born, Stockholm-based photographer Luke Stephenson has been fascinated by show birds, their impeccably groomed feathers, and undeniably unique personalities. Whether centering … Continue reading

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#StreetArt #graffiti by Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada in Madrid, Spain 🇪🇸

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Lovely sky over the city tonight! | salfordrev

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Deaf climber Sonya Wilson overcame discrimination, isolation, and seemingly insurmountable obstacles as a child to become the woman she is today—a force of nature changing the face of the climbing world. Knowing communication is key to her sport, she has … Continue reading

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It All Starts With A Song | Story Corps

Everyone’s heard of James Brown and Stevie Wonder, but how about the women who helped make them who they are? For our last episode of this season, we’ll get to know the unsung icons behind some of the most iconic … Continue reading

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