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Asparagus (1979) – Animation As A Daydream

[…] Asparagus (1979) – Animation As A Daydream: This week’s video essay concludes our month on arthouse animation with the underrated Suzan Pitt’s magnificent classic short Asparagus. Often screened with David Lynch’s Eraserhead on the midnight-movie circuit, Asparagus has gained … Continue reading

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Adam Savage Learns How Old Books Were Made!

Among the objects Adam collects and reveres are old books, some of which were bound and made in the era of the industrial revolution. But the craft and art of bookmaking began long before machines were invented to manufacture books, … Continue reading

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Joel Meyerowitz

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Why Traditional English Cheddar Is Aged In Caves | Regional Eats

The earliest record of cheddar anywhere is at Cheddar, in Somerset, in 1170. The land around this village has been at the heart of English cheesemaking since the 15th century. Today, as many Cheddar producers have upscaled and require more … Continue reading

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#DressUpChallenge | messynessychic

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A woman goes to a wedding and develops superpowers. | The Katy Universe

[…] The Katy Universe is used with permission from Patrick Muhlberger. Learn more at https://omele.to/2vWX0xz. OMELETO ON SOCIAL Instagram: https://instagram.com/omeleto Twitter: https://twitter.com/omeletocom Facebook: https://facebook.com/omeletocom Katy goes on a drunken, drug-fueled bender at a friend’s wedding, and finds herself in the … Continue reading

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Bach’s Suite No.1

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Brendon Burton Captures Moments of Nostalgia and Wonder in North America’s Most Isolated Places | Colossal

MAY 17, 2023. KATE MOTHES All images © Brendon Burton Photographer Brendon Burton developed an eye for the way decaying buildings nestle into the landscape or punctuate vast expanses. Growing up in an isolated community, photographer Brendon Burton developed an … Continue reading

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Nightscape Photography | EDGE OF HUMANITY MAGAZINE

Astronomy Photographer  Mihail Minkov is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images. […]           … More: Nightscape Photography

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Our Mannequins, Ourselves | Articles Of Interest

AVERY TRUFELMAN 10/05/2023 What fake bodies say about real people Long before the Met Gala, I was able to sneak into the Metropolitan Museum to get a peak of this year’s fashion exhibit. And this is what I saw: No … Continue reading

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