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The Italian procession return to St Michael’s, Ancoats which is now owned by the Hallé but was formerly the Italian church at the heart of Little Italy in Manchester.

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Kramer @ Kampus M/Cr| Manc Wanderer

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An Exhibition of 50 Piñatas Explores the Cultural Significance of the Festive Object

OCTOBER 14, 2021. GRACE EBERT Installation view of Roberto Benavidez’s sculptures (front) and Isaias Rodriguez, “resilience” (2021) (back). Photo by Madison Metro, Craft in America. All images courtesy of Craft in America   A ubiquitous decoration at birthdays and family … Continue reading

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Partying in South America: Brazil’s 6 Best Festivals — AllTheRooms Blog

← Back to ‘Best Party Cities Around the World` Heading to South America for a vacation? Don’t miss out on Brazil, the coastal country known for rich culture, sprawling cities, Amazon adventures, and great parties. The parties and events in … Continue reading

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Viva Valencia – Travel and Lifestyle with Amanda

Home to Spain’s quintessential food―paella―Valencia has more to offer than its ubiquitous rice dish. It’s a land of innovation and tradition, where the futuristic City of Arts and Scien… Source: Viva Valencia – Travel and Lifestyle with Amanda

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6 eco-friendly festivals in the UK

Festivals have become infamous for producing tonnes of waste – not to mention the effect hundreds of thousands of people congregating in a field has on the environment. But it doesn’t have to be that way.. Shambala Festival, Northamptonshire In just … Continue reading

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Manchester: An Underrated City and Remaining Festivals of 2015

London often overshadows the bulk of cities in the UK because of its global appeal, the city being recognized as the business capital of the world, and its eclectic mix of cultures. However, there are many cities in the UK … Continue reading

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